About JB Roadcraft

Providing a training centre of excellence (with fun) in the various aspects of roadcraft theory and practice with car, trailer and motorcycle. This recognises and supports the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency’s (DVSA) promotion of ‘safe driving for life’ and not just learning to pass the ‘L’ test. JB Roadcraft promotes the consideration that, ‘the road is a shared space’ and educates that all road users should develop a continual application of this when riding or driving.

About Jedidiah


JB Roadcraft’s founder (Jedidiah Benaviharuchot) is a registered DVSA Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) (Car), ORDIT trained and registered DVSA accredited Fleet Driver Trainer and is undergoing the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) advanced rider and advanced driver courses and is on target to complete both advanced tests by the Summer. 

Keeping in line with delivery of excellence in training, Jedidiah is committed to the driver and rider training industry’s professional code of conduct which embraces best practice in instruction, business management and personal conduct. Jedidiah is also a DVSA registered Pass Plus instructor for post-test driver development as well as registered as, ‘The Honest Truth’ instructor which strongly promotes road safety. 

A further professional perspective is that Jedidiah holds membership of and keeps informed with the industry’s various governing associations: ADI National Joint Council (ADI NJC); Motor Schools Association of Great Britain (MSA GB); Driving Instructors’ Association (DIA) and associate member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM Roadsmart). Jedidiah is also a member of the Institute of Master Tutors of Driving (IMTD) which has a strong emphasis on road safety as well as other areas of roadcraft. 

Jedidiah is mindful that maintaining excellence in the training he provides involves leading others by example and seeks to ‘practice what he teaches’. He aims to have monthly instructor training to ensure his own continuing professional development and has booked a week’s full-time motorcycle instructor training in Redditch in the Summer to fully prepare for the DVSA’s Cardington Training Academy motorcycle CBT instructor assessment later. The business aim is to register as a DVSA Approved Training Body (ATB) to provide CBT and DAS courses in the city of Perth. It also intends to become a DVSA registered training centre for the motorcycle Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS). 

On a personal note, Jedidiah has always enjoyed riding motorbikes and driving cars and likes meeting and working with people to learn for themselves. He sees his instruction as facilitating a trainee’s self-learning and has helped his three children to varying degrees when younger, in their car driving. They now have their own cars and one rides a motorbike. He holds several years of varied driving jobs and class of vehicles: motorbike, car, light van, minibus, lorry whilst self-employed or as an employee. 

This ‘all round’ perspective has given Jedidiah a flexible, sensitive, patient and insightful foundation to effectively work with all kinds of people of all ages and experience. Jedidiah understands that customer satisfaction is central to maintaining a successful business as no matter how many skills an instructor holds, if they can’t communicate or impart these in a fun and sensitive way for each individual to learn for themselves then this is not effective learning and the customer will most likely take their business elsewhere.

About Loz


Loz is busy with full-time raising of her school-age children and is considering part-time motorcycle instructor with the business as she enjoys working with and helping people. She developed her riding experience alongside Jedidiah and together they rode over a 1,000 miles around Perthshire over a 3months period. As well as hundreds of miles around Wales, Loz has also done several return trips between Wales and Alyth in Perthshire.


Jedidiah Benaviharuchot

Local Motorcycle Instruction Associates

Loz Landsborough 

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