Corporate Fleet Driver Training, Risk Management

Bespoke corporate driver training and fleet risk management consultancy:

There is an increasing awareness of employers’ legislative responsibility to proactively support health and safety of personnel, equipment and workspace, whilst maintaining strong consideration of budget management. We argue that an ongoing driver training programme is to be viewed with a positive perspective when it is realised the costs savings and health advantages are far greater than that of not having any:

  • it can off-set fleet costs and risks whilst supporting a safer, more skilled and developed workforce;
  • reduce fuel costs and better support the environment due to more economical driving;
  • support vehicle sympathy with better control and handling so less wear and tear reducing servicing costs and repairs;
  • securing reduced insurance premiums due to minimised occurrence of accidents;,
  • less injuries with the subsequent reduced sick’ days of the workforce;
  • a safer standard of driving reducing the risk of lawsuits of corporate manslaughter;
  • a trained, happier and more fulfilled personnel with increased job satisfaction and subsequent staff retention.