Terms and Conditions

The Business (used interchangeably with, ‘JB Roadcraft’) only provides training in accordance with the following Terms and Conditions (Ts & Cs). Therefore, you (the Trainee) must ensure that you carefully read and fully understand them before signing your training agreement. Please ask your instructor about anything you need an explanation of before you sign. They are binding on all parties.

Meaning of words

In these Ts & Cs the meanings of the following listed words are explained:

Agreement: The agreement between JB Roadcraft and the trainee which includes these Ts & Cs for the provision of training.

Trainee: The person identified as such within the agreement.

Guarantor: The person identified as such within the agreement.

Instructor: The instructor named in the agreement or any suitably qualified instructor that JB Roadcraft provides.

Representative: Anyone who is introduced as such by the instructor such as administration staff.

Business (used interchangeably with ‘JB Roadcraft’): The training provider as identified in the agreement.

Training: Any driving or riding related training agreed between JB Roadcraft and the trainee and to be provided by JB Roadcraft to the trainee in accordance with the stipulated duration and frequency as agreed by both parties.

Training session: A unit of training (minimum of 2 hours) which has been agreed between JB Roadcraft and the trainee. A single session (2 hours), or multiples of, as agreed between both parties, make up the training.

Block booking and training course: Minimum multiple of training sessions which the trainee has agreed to book for the price inserted in the agreement.

Price: The price for a training session as stated in the agreement.

Agreed price for the DVSA practical driving or riding test (interchangeable with ‘Test session price): The price that JB Roadcraft will charge the trainee for use of car or motorcycle for the duration of their test as set out in their training agreement.

Provision of training

In order to receive driver or rider training, you must hold, thus it is expected you meet, all stipulated conditions of a valid provisional or full UK driving license or appropriate international equivalent. We are not able to provide training for you if you do not hold a valid license and it is the license holder’s responsibility to provide this confirmation before the start of their first session. If this is not confirmed to your instructor, they will refuse to conduct your training session and you will be charged its full cost. You must be able to read a number plate from a minimum distance of 20.5 metres (with spectacles if needed for corrective vision).

We also need you to confirm that you have no conditions which will affect your driving that we need to know about such as prescribed medication (ask your doctor if you have any uncertainty about this) and that you do not take, or are under the influence of, alcohol or drugs whilst driving or riding. Further information on conditions of holding a license can be found at the following link: Legal obligations of drivers and riders – GOV.UK


Driver record check code

The business is required to check every new trainee’s driver license record and we do this by you generating and sending to us a check code along with the last 8 digits of your driver number from your photocard license. See further information by following on-screen instruction starting here: View or share your driving license information

Please note: It is the driver’s or rider’s responsibility to ensure that they meet the prescribed standards, expectations, and conditions of being a license holder.


Payment of training and gift vouchers

Each session or course needs to be paid before its start and any pre-payment is held in a separate bank account from the main business current account and is not used or appropriated until the training has been delivered.

Please see our pricing page for training courses and individual sessions available to purchase. You can also purchase JB Roadcraft gift vouchers (birthdays, holidays, Christmas, and New Year are favourite times for these) and details are available on request.

Our pricing of training delivered to you may be changed if we have given a clear 48hours notice unless a pre-paid agreement is in place.

JB Roadcraft will accept payment for our training services online at our 24/7 shop, by bank transfer (in-car or otherwise). You will be given a receipt for your payment. https://jbroadcraft.co.uk/

Where a gift voucher has been issued, the instructor must write the date when it expires and once this date has been reached, the voucher will no longer be valid or accepted.


Availability and cancellation of training

Training availability is subject to non-booked diary appointments and JB Roadcraft advises booking a month ahead with your instructor to help you get the dates and times you would prefer if they are available thus minimising any disappointment due to other customers having booked these up. Booked appointments do not need to be paid at the time of their booking but a minimum of a full two clear days (48hours) notice of change or cancellation is required or your session’s full cost will be charged.

To be very clear on this matter, this means the day on when you give us notice of cancellation or change, then two clear days and finally, the day of the booked session (in effect, 4 dates) This is because the booked appointment is kept exclusively for you and if you don’t provide enough notice, the business can lose the session’s fees.

Courses have non-refundable deposits on booking as diary allocation is provided then and this is advised at the time of enquiry or purchase. You will also be advised the minimum notice for cancellation of a training course at the time of enquiry or purchase as this requires a greater allocation of diary space.

A training session may need a short notice change due to other customers requiring attendance for a short notice DVSA test and the Business will endeavour to supply as much notice of change as possible. JB Roadcraft provides a high standard of driver and rider training and equipment which receives periodic maintenance. The Business will not be required to refund any cancelled or lost training time which has occurred out with our control. For example, 3rd party considerations, traffic congestion or vehicle damage.

If the Instructor decides in his absolute discretion that the Trainee is not in a fit state to continue with the training session safely, then the Instructor may cancel the session and no refund will be given.


Refunds policy

JB Roadcraft will return the full balance of any unused pre-paid funds if you decide to cancel your training sessions subject to the above cancellation policy. We require a minimum period of a clear 48 hours (4 consecutive dates) to allow us to transfer funds to you.


JB Roadcraft promotions

We strongly support you booking your theory test as soon as possible and pay you £4.99 to purchase the DVSA’s official theory & hazard perception mobile app at Apple or Google stores. It is transferred into a bank account of your choice once you’ve booked your theory test with us or confirmation done by yourself in your first two or three sessions. Follow this link for further information on booking your theory test: Book your theory test – GOV.UK

The business provides free bottled water and chewing gum every session to minimise nervous dryness of the mouth and we have noted these can encourage calm and concentration as many have said they find these helpful to focus and or reduce anxiety when feeling a bit overwhelmed with the conditions. We suggest you consider using Kalms (a natural product for de-stressing) but seek advice from your health practitioner/ GP if this is an issue for you. Check out further information at the following link: Kalms home

If you recommend anyone who becomes active by purchasing training with us, on their eighth session JB Roadcraft will pay you a £20.00 referral fee transferred into a bank account of your choice.

There is also free DVSA online videos at the following link: Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency


Grievance policy

If you have a complaint with us, please respect us enough to speak to us first with any questions or concerns and we will seek to obtain a satisfactory resolution with you and put things right and to your reasonable expectation. In the very unlikely event of an unresolved dispute with us, you can make appeal over our final decision by raising your dispute with the industry’s governing body, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency whose advised code of conduct we adhere to and to which we are committed to promptly complying with any decision they make. The Business founder, Jedidiah Benaviharuchot, has an ADI personal reference identifier of 464510 with the DVSA.


ADI voluntary code of practice

Our training industry’s governing body’s (DVSA) voluntary recommended code of practice exacts expected professionalism in our standards of equipment, conduct and our business management from data handling to recording of monies. An online PDF document of the code can be found at the following link: Driving instructor code of practice – GOV.UK


Use of the training vehicle or motorcycle/moped.

A test appointment is usually charged at a flat rate equivalent of a 3 hours training session to allow a ‘settling down’ drive before we present you at the DVSA test centre for your test appointment. Please note that this will not be full training as you will have attained test standard at this point. This incorporates the drive to and return from the test centre and use of the car / motorcycle during the test itself. Thus, the test appointment allows for brief practice only as you travel to the Test Centre.

JB Roadcraft training vehicle(s) will be fitted with dual controls, will be well maintained, and clean and tidy at all times (excepting reasonable wear and tear and circumstances out with our control).

We will not be liable for any failure of the training vehicle(s) during a training session or the practical driving test unless it is a direct result of our negligence. We will not be responsible for re-imbursing the DVSA practical driving test fee or of a training session fee.


Using a trainee’s vehicle

JB Roadcraft requires a clear 48 hours’ notice (4 sequential dates) before a training session if a trainee intends to use their own vehicle or one supplied by them. The Trainee needs to show confirmation of adequate cover from a reputable insurer for the purposes of professional driver training including use in a practical driving test and that this cover is in

place for the full duration of all training. It is within the Instructor’s sole discretion as to whether or not he agrees to the training taking place in the trainee’s vehicle and if no evidence of cover is shown, the Instructor will not agree to the use of the trainee’s vehicle.

If it is agreed to use the trainee’s vehicle, then the Trainee must confirm that it is roadworthy, produce a valid MoT certificate (if applicable) and that it is in a good general condition. If in the Instructor’s reasonable opinion, they decide that the vehicle is not in a roadworthy or safe condition then the session will be cancelled and no refund of the Price will be given.

Before the training begins, the Instructor will check to ensure the vehicle meets the DVSA’s minimum requirements for a test vehicle and it must display the legally specified ‘L’ plates during training (unless the trainee already holds a full license then this is not necessary). Please see further information on using your own or supplying a vehicle for the driving test at the following link: Driving test: cars: Using your own car for your test


Limitation of liability

Nothing in these Ts&Cs will limit JB Roadcraft’s liability in any claim for death or personal injury caused by its negligence.

JB Roadcraft will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the Trainee’s failure to comply with these Ts&Cs or with the Instructor’s reasonable instructions.

JB Roadcraft will not be liable for any losses, costs, claims or expenses arising as a result of any event which is outside of its reasonable control or expectation.

JB Roadcraft will not be liable for any consequential, indirect or incidental loss.

It is strictly prohibited to use a mobile phone (or any other electronic device) whilst driving in any training session. Phones may only be used when the vehicle is parked, the engine switched off and there is no key in the ignition.

In a situation where the Trainee needs to keep their contact available / open such as, a school update on their child, then the phone should be put on vibrate and the vehicle must be parked in a safe, convenient and legal position before answering the call in accordance with the previous clause involving the key removed from the ignition.


Booking your DVSA practical driving test

Unless there is a previous agreement in writing between the Trainee and the Instructor, the Instructor will advise the Trainee when, in the Instructor’s judgement, the Trainee is ready to sit their practical driving/riding test. The Instructor will then book the test (DVSA fees to be paid by the trainee unless otherwise agreed) and JB Roadcraft will arrange for the training vehicle to be available for it, and the test session will be booked into the diary.


Procedure and the Client’s obligations for taking a driving test

Arrangement for JB Roadcraft training vehicle(s) to be used for the driving test will be automatic if test is booked under the ‘Use of the training vehicle or motorcycle/moped’ section of this agreement by the business.

If the instructor and trainee have agree that the test is to be booked by the trainee and not through the business the same test costs will still apply under the ‘Use of the training vehicle or motorcycle/moped’ section for use of JB Roadcraft training vehicle(s). The Trainee must provide notice of their booked test date as soon as is reasonably practicable to ensure vehicle is available for the practical driving test. If this notice is not given JB Roadcraft is under no obligation to provide a training vehicle for the trainee’s practical driving test and they must source their own test vehicle if a JB Roadcraft training vehicle(s) is not available.



In consideration of JB Roadcraft providing the training to the Trainee, the Guarantor agrees to guarantee all obligations of the Trainee under this Agreement and these Ts & Cs, and to insure payment to JB Roadcraft is covered against any default of payment by the Trainee as well as all losses, costs, expenses or claims acquired by JB Roadcraft as a result of the Trainee breaching this Agreement and these Ts & Cs in place of the Trainee.

JB Roadcraft shall consider the Trainee as cancelling training sessions if more than two sequential sessions are postponed, If these cancelled sessions are not rebooked within one calendar month, or if in the instructors opinion the Trainee is unfit to drive safely on one or more occasion.

If in the instructor’s professional opinion, the weather or roads are considered unsuitable or dangerous for driving, they may postpone a training session. The client will be notified with as much notice as possible in this event. The instructor will provide an alternative time and date for rescheduled training sessions in such an event, and JB Roadcraft holds no further liability.

Under the ‘Availability and cancellation of training’ section, A training session may be changed or postponed at short notice due to other customers requiring attendance for a short notice DVSA test. The Business will endeavour to supply as much notice of change as possible. An alternative date and time for the driving session will be suggested in such an event, and JB Roadcraft holds no further liability.


The driving test

Arrangement for JB Roadcraft training vehicle(s) will be automatically booked when a test is booked by the business under the ‘Use of the training vehicle or motorcycle/moped’ section of this Agreement. Use of the training vehicle(s) for practical driving tests will be charged at a flat rate equivalent of a 3-hour training session or at an agreed price. On occasion, JB Roadcraft’s training vehicle(s) may be unavailable for a practical driving test for reasons outside of their control, for which they hold no liability. In such instances JB Roadcraft will aim to provide at least three working days’ notice (72 hours) of the unavailability of training vehicle(s). If the training vehicle(s) are already booked for another Client’s practical driving test they will not be supplied for a practical driving test a Client notifies is booked at the same time.

If the Trainee has not given sufficient notice of the practical driving test date as set out in the ‘procedure and the client’s obligations for taking a driving test’ section, JB Roadcraft will have no liability for failing to provide a training vehicle(s) for the practical driving test according to these terms and conditions.

JB Roadcraft may refuse use of the training vehicle(s) for the Trainee’s practical driving test if in the instructors opinion the Trainee’s driving is potentially dangerous for themselves or other road users, or their driving is otherwise not of a test standard.

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